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5/25/19 UPDATE:  Legend continues to be a very good companion, especially to John as he feeds and walks him. He is consistently obedient and comes when called by name. Even if he is in another room, he comes- no food reward, just words of praise and petting. He sits and goes down on command as well as following instructions to “stay”, although he is never permitted off leash. He is thoroughly house trained or attempt to climb on the furniture and only chews appropriate dog toys. He is a quiet dog who seldom even barks. He isn’t active when we are at rest and is comfortable in his large, padded crate. It’s adorable how he waits by the front door when John is outside with our dog, Jeb, like a typical loyal companion. So far, he hasn’t been a counter surfer, but we still monitor his activity in the kitchen since he is frequently searching for possible abandoned food. Legend is playful with our 4-year-old lab mix and is interested in dogs we meet on walks. Although he is friendly, he is more interested in human companionship and appears to like everybody he meets.

We would love to show him off. Since his surgery, his leg is getting strong and the doctors were so pleased with his progress.  He walks normally and it’s hard to believe he ever even had a procedure.  We love showing him off since he is such a good boy and has a wonderful disposition.  Don’t be discourage by his grey face as he is young at heart and a truly wonderful boy.  We think his grey face makes him look very distinguished.


FOSTER UPDATE: Legend is easy going, companionable, quiet – he never complains when crated-overnight or when we’re away, and he understands standard commands like: stay, sit, down, wait, and come. Like most labs, he is chronically hungry and will counter surf if left alone in the kitchen. He’s very aware and has excellent hearing. He always hears John’s footsteps in the bedroom in the morning and he is happy and ready to greet him when he comes downstairs. He anticipates eating times and when it’s time to go outside. He has adapted beautifully to our schedule. He prefers to play with his toys rather than interacting with his canine foster brother but tolerates his activity. He truly has been a wonderful houseguest.