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   Precious Lego

 FOSTER UPDATE: Lego is like a big baby and a sweet cuddle bug. He loves to play with any toy, but needs supervision because he can be quite a chewer and bites off sections of stuffed animals. He is happiest playing fetch and is learning “drop it” when he returns with his ball/toy.  He is ready to play all the time, so keeping him inactive while he recovers from his HW treatment is somewhat of a challenge, and he will be delighted when he no longer has any activity restrictions. He even plays independently and then will relax and rest. 

 He still needs to gain a significant amount of weight and surprisingly is a slow eater. He takes treats VERY gently from your hand, but he can become mouthy with toys and when he is in play mode, so needs additional guidance not to get so excited to play as well as become more aware of his body.  Put all this together and the bottom line is that Lego is a loving dog who is very affectionate with excellent potential. He has a wonderful temperament, and a complete lap dog who loves being close to people. With continued guidance and leadership to help him to master some manners, he will prove to be a terrific family companion.