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12/20/18 FOSTER UPDATE: You know the old song, Pennies from Heaven”?  Well after a few days with Lenny I think it could have been titled, “Lenny’s from Heaven” because he sure acts like an angel. It’s hard to believe he was kept outside because he’s so well-mannered. He hasn’t had a single accident and is trustworthy outside of a crate when left alone. He’s pretty laid back for a two-year-old but does enjoy a romp with my dog. If you have cats, not to worry as he’s completely indifferent to my two. He has also turned into quite the loving lap dog too.
Lenny is timid at times. Not so much frightened as uncertain. It’s like he’s asking, “are you sure it’s ok if I do that?” Poor pup just needs to learn that not every dog is kept outside on a chain. Lenny is truly a gentle soul who will be a great forever companion!