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7/9/18: Lillie is a very good puppy, and we could very easily add her to our pack.  It’s amazing how much she resembles our Zoey. If we didn’t know better, we would insist they are related.

When we leave for work, she easily enters her crate with absolutely no issues. Amazingly, Lillie is fine with a bed in her crate since she hasn’t chewed it-not even a corner-and she hasn’t had any accidents in her crate either. She can be a sassy girl when playing with our dogs. When she first arrived in our home, she was a little possessive with her food, but that quickly was redirected and we have had no problems whatsoever. This smart little lady has already mastered sit leave it, come,  and we continue to work on “no bark, and no bite”.  She is almost potty trained, but has an occasional accident in the house, but often we take responsibility for realizing we neglected to take her outside. She actually runs to the back door if asked if she needs to potty, so we think after less than two weeks she has learned so much.

It’s adorable to watch her pick up shoes and carry them to one of the dog beds, but has not been destructive. She also loves to pick up the dog bowls and also carry it to one of the dog beds – we can’t help but wonder if she thinks it will miraculously fill with more food.  We continue to work with Lillie on walking appropriately on a leash, but making definite progress.

Lille is a joy to foster, and we love watching her grow and learn what it’s like to live with a family that loves and cares for her. Along with all the lessons, she has also discovered that cuddling is a very special part of her day.

Photo: Lillie with her foster sister, Zoe

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