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2/20/20 UPDATE: Hey everyone, Dove here!  After two months of staying with my foster family, I really like being here.  I mostly spend my days taking long naps, chewing on bones, and playing with my dog friends.  I also love to be outside, my favorite is leaping off the stairs into a sprint to greet the squirrels.  There should really be a dog Olympics, I may win.  I’m slower to trust humans, but I enjoy the person here and a few others and I like to cuddle with them.  I still feel scared of the outside world, but the human tells me there is trainer coming today to try to help me with these things.  Overall, I’m a pretty chill little lady who is looking for some nice people to spend my days relaxing.

 UPDATE:  Dove loves chew toys (especially bones and buffalo horns), naps, cuddling, chasing squirrels, sprinting through the yard, and playing with Ripple. She acts like a goofy little sister with him. She’s mischievous and playful, and swipes thing to chew on when you’re not looking. No food aggression and no play aggression. She’s still somewhat uncomfortable and hesitant being in the car and on the leash.

She’s been gaining confidence at the house and in the yard, and she’s been learning that hands and noise aren’t frightening. It takes her some time to warm up to something unfamiliar which is not surprising. She’s learned what treats are, and how to take them politely. She’s still a little too timid to sit for treats without cowering, but she’s made noticeable improvement. Although she is making excellent progress, she will need consistency and patience as she continues to learn to trust.

12/13/19 FOSTER UPDATE:  Dove has been with us for four days now and has transitioned well.  It took her a few hours to warm up to me and her canine foster brother, but since then she has made herself at home.  It’s obvious that she’s had a rough history, but at home she appears to feel safe and has really come out of her shell.   She’s a very social dog and loves to be around people.  Her tail is constantly wagging.  She hasn’t quite figured out how to play with other dogs yet, but it’s in process and is enjoying her foster sibling and follows him everywhere.  She seems to be housetrained and has only had one accident in the house.  Also, she has not chewed on anything but dog toys.  She’s a very sweet dog and I’m betting she’ll be a cuddle bug in the near future.