Lovely Lilly is an adorable girl with a big, lovable heart.  She is a 55 lb., 9 month old bundle of sweetness!!  Confident and obedient on a leash is apparent with this girl along with a demeanor of calmness.  Lilly enjoys being with people and other dogs as the attached picture displays.  Lilly is the sister of previous CLR companions, Klaus and Cedric, and she came to CLR when space open up after her two brothers were adopted .  Lilly will meet all your expectations while asking for nothing in return!



We picked Lily up at the vet on Tuesday night, so this is just our observation from the past 48 hours:

She is so sweet and affectionate. Our family adores her! When we picked her up, they told us that she had been stressed out and sent us with Trazadone to calm her. We haven’t used it, though, because she seems to be fine in a home setting. She loves to chew on the Nylabone, carry her stuffed duck around, and play with tennis balls.

She has not had any accidents so far. She does need to be reminded that she is not allowed on the furniture. She does decently well on walks, she loves them, but still needs to learn to not lead or weave around. She is a little hesitant to go into her kennel at night, but hopefully as she gets more confident, that will get better.

She is fine on the steps into and out of the house, but she cannot be coaxed into using the stairs in our house. She won’t even walk near them. We will keep working on this. This weekend we are going to try to crate her and leave her alone for the first time (we have a camera so we can see how she does). We are also hoping to introduce her to another dog and see how that goes. Will update next week of her progress!

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