This is indeed the most difficult memorial to construct.  Macaroni was the most wonderful, sweetest pup who lost his battle to health issues at a very young age, just approaching 3.  His loss not only devastated everyone who knew him, but left his wonderful mom and dad beyond heartbroken. Borrowing his mom’s heartfelt words:

Nothing can prepare you for the shock, pain, trauma and grief of a beloved part of your family leaving you. We knew he was sick but we expected to have at least a few more years with him. It’s a profound loss that physically hurts our hearts.
   Waking up is the hardest – not seeing that little face staring up at us. Not hearing his trit trots coming into the kitchen when I open the fridge or cupboard. Tonight, I caught myself looking over to where his food bowl normally was to make sure he ate his dinner…but the food bowl is gone. The leash sits by the front door unused. Earlier today, the pharmacy called “Mac” to pick up his prescription and my entire day spiraled. Over two years of our daily habits and routines are now gone.
   Mac was the most resilient dog. After dozens of trips to numerous vets and dozens of medications, he was still so happy and enjoyed all of his walks around Fountain Square, trips to the dog beach in Michigan and any and all types of squeaky toys. He was so gentle and calm – wonderful with kids. I’m heartbroken he won’t ever meet ours some day.
Our hearts break for his mom and dad for the loss of their Mac.  The best blessing is knowing he was so very loved.
Rest in Peace, Mac.