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10/24/18 TRAINING UPDATE:  Marcie has been in residential training for several days and according to our trainer, Robin, she is doing fantastic.  She even responds to direction without being bribed with a treat.  She is definitely learning her manners and wants to please her leader.  One thing she discovered is a suspicion that she was likely hit with someone’s hand and that explains some of her behavior to be mouthy and why she has not previously responded to direction.  Considering this, one just needs to not present themselves with the threat of being hit by having a hand raised above her head, so it is best to approach her from the side or a lower position.  Marcie is a very loving and precious girl and we were so pleased to get such a wonderful update.

10/13/18 VOLUNTEER UPDATE:  We continue to work on Marcie’s leash manners and find her most attentive when not distracted by other people or dogs.  As a puppy, she also needs correction on her tendency to be mouth – both are teachable with guidance and leadership.  According to our volunteer, I loved Marci! She wants to be a good girl, but she needs training. I hope she finds a good home; with time and patience, she will be irreplaceable

(note: We definitely love Marcie’s wonderful disposition and want her to be able to find her family, so we have reached out to our trainer to help Marcie learn betters manners)

10/6/18 Volunteer Update:  Marcie is an exceptionally playful pup who needs consistent guidance and leadership to learn her manners, but she has a wonderful disposition and loves to play fetch – but is still learning she needs to drop the ball too.  She takes a little while to settle down, but once she does, she is very affectionate.  She just needs a chance to learn and show others that she is really a  sweetheart who needs a chance to be taught how to be the best version of herself.

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