A hunk of chocalate with mesmerizing eyes is wait for you!!  Handsome Max is 1.5 years old, 70 lb. confident, energetic, nature loving boy.  He likes to be with people being petted and loved.   He enjoys dogs and watching TV!   He would do great in fenced in yard. He came to CLR as a stray from TN.



Max arrived into foster yesterday, and he is going great!  He brings such a happy, playful energy to the pack – he is such a friendly boy!!

Some Initial observations…
He loves other dogs!  He has spent most of the morning playing with my pack.  He is good about reading social cues and submitting when he pushes boundaries.  He has not shown any signs of resource guarding with toys or food.
He love toys and bones!  He does tend to rip the ears and legs off is stuffies so we are sticking to the bones and chews for now.
As for training, he doesn’t seem to know any commands, but he is super smart and treat motivated.  I think he will be a quick learner!  He is very responsive to leadership and has good focus as well.  He is pretty good with his house manners so far.  No accidents yet!  He can be a little curious at times, but he responds well to corrections.  He did great in the car.  He just chilled in the backseat.
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