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12/10/19 FOSTER UPDATE:  Midnight has been in our home for 8 weeks and has come so far since her arrival.  She no longer is the frightened, flea & tick infested, emotionally shutdown, pregnant girl she was when she entered our home. My 2 labs helped get her head and tail up quickly – along with a little turkey. Since her babies arrived, she has made tremendous strides trusting us. She no longer hides but spends most of her day in our company and retreats only to check on her babies.  She sleeps in her crate every night with the door open and has adjusted to most connon house noises, although the TV may still startle her.  During those times, she will just go to her crate as it has become  her safe spot.  She loves romping outside with my dogs and experience life as it should be for an 18-month-old dog.

Midnight’s new family will have the companionship of a wonderful, mellow, sweet dog but considering her past, they will need to understand it will take time, patience, and understanding for her to adjust and feel safe. Having the experience of having a dogs similar to Midnight in our home, We know it takes time to heal her wounded heart and mind.  She has made tremendous progress, but still shutters with loud noises, but no longer hesitates at doorways and is eating well.  It is a joy for us to witness her tail and butt always wagging.  In so many ways, she is like a puppy that needs to expand her territory and surroundings, so consistency and routine are the key to her success. Although Midnight loves to explore, it will take her extra time to feel comfortable. We have been so fortunate to be part of her journey and witness her learning to trust and understand life with a loving family. Given the opportunity to transition comfortably into her forever home, we have no doubt, Midnight will be a wonderful addition and faithful companion.