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8/9/22 FOSTER UPDATE: Mitzy here.  I have been with my foster family for five days and I’m loving it.  The people here tell me that I’m a pretty great dog.  I’m super cuddly and social.  I’ve learned how to use stairs and that couches and dog beds are the best.  I like following the main human here all places, especially the kitchen.  I’m trying to become the canine version of a foodie.  Another dog lives here and we don’t play yet, but he’s pretty cool.  I’m a champion at going to the bathroom outside, only playing with dog toys, and just being adorable.  I wag my tail most of the hours I’m awake.  My favorite past times include playing some serious fetch and making use of all the sticks in the yard.  I use them for fetch and I also love searching them out and chewing them into smaller pieces.  Hopefully I’m assisting the humans with yard work.