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8/18/19 TRAINER UPDATEMeet Miss Mocca! She is quite the looker. Part lab and part? My money is on part Rhodesian Ridgeback. She weighs in at 67 lbs and has a muscular physique. Mocca have you been working out?

Mocca is great in the crate and hardly barks in or out of the crate. She loves belly rubs. She is led by her nose so I bet she would be a ball to do scent work with. She isn’t reactive to strange dogs during walks outside. She is interested but is able to focus on the task at hand. She’s really exercising her impulse control. She’s been happy to meet plenary of new people in different situations.

We have been spending some time together. A week to be exact. We are focusing on the basics. Sit and stay, crate manners, walking nice on a leash, no jumping, and of course not rushing through doorways. We are also working on some confidence building. Mocca didn’t think she could sit on a large boulder but I showed her she could. Yeah Mocca!!!

Mocca has been a great student. She hardly gives be any bratty behavior and is happy to work and listen. As stated earlier, she is ALWAYS trying to get a sniff in and tends to forge ahead. I am constantly reminding her to stay at my side on turns. Today we were walking at the park and she was NAILING all the turns. We hadn’t even been to that park before. So proud of this girl!!

Mocca doesn’t do very well with other dogs in the home so at this time she would need to be the only pet in the home. I hope the work we are doing now and with leadership in her new home she will perhaps someday be able to share a home with another pet but for now it isn’t what is best for her. Her new home will need to accept and respect that in the present time. Again, she is NOT reactive to other dogs while on walks. Even dogs that are reactive to her so it shouldn’t be an issue to take her out of the house on a leash. 

8/13/19 UPDATE: Mocca is currently having an extended visit to one of our trainers for a refresher course.  She is wonderful with all people, but somewhat selective around other dogs.  She does fine on her walks and ignores other dogs, but tends to be reactrive and uncomfortable around other dogs living in the same home.  We are continuing to improve that behavior, but believe she would be best as the only dog in the home.  We have encountered many dogs over the years who are best as an only dog, so that should not be a detterent to opening your heart to this beautiful girl.