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2/26/19: Hi, Muffin here! I’m back now with my foster Mom and Dad. After my training with Robin, they tell me I am a much calmer and happier dog. I think they’re right, I like being calmer! Don’t get me wrong, I still love to play. My foster Mom says it’s hard to make a bed with me around. I just think “making bed time” is a fun game to play with her! And I love playing with my stuffed toys! But if I get too playful, my foster Mom has me go to “place” and I know it’s time to calm down and relax. They have even told me I’m a “little angel” most of the time.  Sometimes they give me a back or tummy rub and I live for those rubs.
   I love my foster Mom and Dad and I know they love me but I dream of finding my forever home and family soon. I know they are out there somewhere trying to find me! Having a yard to run in and maybe a brother or sister to play with would be so much fun. That would make me, Muffin, the happiest pup ever.