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2/25/28 FOSTER UPDATE: A nova is an exploding star and that pretty much fits Nova as she is a complete explosion of affectionate, happy Lab kisses. She’s had a tough life in her short one and a half years but you would never know it from her personality.  SHE LOVES PEOPLE!

She quickly made herself at home with my other two dogs.  One is about the same age as Nova and they have already become best friends with lots of playtime.  She gave a couple of sniffs to my cats but thinks they’re basically boring.  In between raindrops last night, I was able to take her on a short walk, and she walked nicely alongside my dog which is a good sign.

Nova says come by to see me soon and get a healthy dose of Lab smiles and tail wagging.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!

2/12/18 VOLUNTEER UPDATE: “Nova was beyond happy to get outside and enjoy the beautiful day!  She looked like she was smiling the whole time on our walk.  She is very eager to please and sat for a treat.  What a beautiful chocolate girl!”

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