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2/26/18 UPDATE: We were lucky enough to have charismatic Pawsey stay with us while her foster mom was out of town. She transitioned so easily into our home with our 3 goofy dogs. Even in a new environment, she had no potty accidents, easily went into her crate without a single peep, quickly responds to a “no” command, and consistently comes when called. WOW- we were so impressed!  Not only is Pawsey super smart and extremely sweet, she’s very entertaining. We were surprised to learn how much Pawsey loves to play in the water. I was astounded when she hopped in the bathtub with me! She was even smart enough to bring toys to dive for. When I had to shower post bath time with Pawsey, she decided showers are equally as fun.  But, there is not need to worry, since she is a good student and quick learner, she can be taught to give you privacy in the shower, but you’ll be guaranteed to have a chronically clean dog.  She has such cute expressions, great focus, and her funky, floppy ears are almost as adorable as her white spotted paw that looks like she’s wearing a sock.  We promise Pawsey’s unique personality will totally grab your heart.

1/24/18 FOSTER UPDATE: Pawsey has been staying with us for a few days, and she’s been doing great.  She quickly adjusted to being here and quickly made herself at home.  She’s a social butterfly and loves both people and dogs.  She gets along well with her foster brother, and they spend much of their time playing.  She loves to cuddle and tries to be a lapdog when the opportunity arises, given her petite size that works out pretty well for her.  

She has had no accidents in the house and appears to have been house trained before.  She is a bit of a jumper on both people and furniture.  We have been working on that every day to help her understand that it’s not an appropriate way to get someone’s attention.  She knows the sit command and usually quickly responds to a simple “no.”  Also, she seems to like the crate and makes no complaints about going in it.  

Overall, she is a fabulous dog with a great personality.  She just needs to find her forever home.