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9/29/21- CURRENT UPDATE: After four months, Peggy has come out of her shell and is truly a sweet girl.  She is super attentive, food motivated, and happily will sneak food in your hand.  She knows basic commands, but does best when a treat is a promised reward.

She plays well with people but less interested in our other dogs. She generally responds to the drop command and will just give up when tired or loses interest. Like many labs, there are times she forgets she is a big girl. Although she loves getting attention, she isn’t overly demanding. She just nestles her head in your lap hoping for a good scratch.

She has become more active and interested in walks, and very aware of rabbits and squirrels, but responds well to the “leave it” command and goes on her way. Occasionally, a small dog approaching on leash makes her uncomfortable yet no response when in the yard or passing pups.

Peggy has been an easy dog and assimilated well into our home. She is house-trained, sleeps through the night, and well-behaved. She doesn’t cause issues with any of our dogs. She would likely be happiest in a quiet home or as the only dog where she gets all the scratches she desires. Peggy is a contented dog, who is equally happy just resting, an occasional walk, playing fetch, a few affectionate butt scratches, or just laying around watching the world go by.