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6/22/2021 UPDATE: Great news! Peggy has started to lose weight and her energy has picked up! She gets super excited to go on our 2 walks per day. She and my Frenchie are tolerating each other now, too! I wouldn’t call them friends yet, but these two old ladies have made a lot of progress in their relationship as foster siblings.

6/11/2021 UPDATE: Peggy had some dental work done and is recovering well! Her foster dad is taking great care of her and making sure she has plenty to chew on to keep her gums and pearly whites healthy. He’s transitioned her to a weight management food which is giving her a little more pep in her step! Peggy is going for two walks per day and is making a lot of progress walking on a leash. She’s adapting well to her new house and the people in it, and is coming out of her shell – she’s definitely more comfortable asking for human attention than she was when she first arrived! She loves to dig her head under your arm for cuddles on the couch. This girl ADORES butt scratches and lets you know when you find the right spot. For being nine years old, Peggy is a big baby! She’s bringing so much joy to her foster home.

6/2/2021 UPDATE: Peggy is a sweet girl!  She’s not very much into play time, running around the house, or direct cuddling. She gets along well with other dogs and the cat.  She wants to be nearby to people and will patiently hang out within earshot or under foot. Peggy loves getting attention and especially enjoys scratches! She gets super excited to go for walks, and will need some consistent walking to improve on the lead.

Peggy is quiet and extremely well house trained. She has not had a single accident and sleeps in her crate through the night! She could use some weight management (underway!) and should also be on joint supplements for the rest of her life. She has some joint supplements she’s been taking that can go with her when she’s adopted. She does try to beg, but it’s not very effective against me. I tried connecting with healthy options (carrots, veggies) but it wasn’t her speed. She is a very sweet girl and is ready for her forever family!