9-year-old 56-pound Peter Parker is everything we love about our seniors. His owner became ill and there apparently was no family to step up and help. Animal control was contacted and eventually, someone reached out to CLR to help. It always saddens us to know when a dog has lost his family. Looking into his soulful eyes makes it’s impossible not to want to help and we hope someone will open his/her heart and home to Peter P. We just can’t imagine being comfortable knowing a senior dog is stuck in a kennel without a family to carry him or her into their senior years. We truly believe it’s a privilege to love a senior and being their family and providing the love they deserve is truly a gift for the dog and ourselves.
Peter Parker is coming back due to a family divorce. Yes, this is heartbreaking for this amazing boy who has lost his home- AGAIN. Some of us have a passion for our seniors. We feel it is so important for them to have a loving home to spend their senior years feeling secure and loved. We hope others feel the same.

Peter P is not meant to live with a feline. Hence, he’ll do well with another dog, but best to avoid homing him with a cat. Other than that, he really is a great mature guy.


UPDATE:  Parker has been in our home for about 4 weeks now- he has settled in nicely.  He loves to go for a walk each day and smell everything!  He sleeps on his bed when we are not here and crates well at night.  Parker is on a good food for his tummy that seems to work well.  He has been exposed to our 3 year old nephew lab and does well with him as long as he is introduced correctly. He has not demonstrated any issues with our senior lab at all. This boy will dance at your feet when he knows it’s time to eat, and he gingerly follows me everywhere and even sleeps on his bed in my office when I am working. Fortunately, his mobility is fine and has no problem with stairs. If you are looking for a wonderful companion to take leisure walks with and a buddy to just hang out together, Peter Parker is your guy and hope you are ready to share your home with him.

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