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12/10/2020 FOSTER UPDATE: We picked “Dilly” up two days ago, and in two days he’s making great progress for a pup who has had no real socialization in a home! Picadilly lived his first two years of life in a small crate unless he was let out for training. We’re being told he also may have had to work for his food, which explains why he’s been eating so fast since he got here.

We had a BIG day today learning and working through some fears! He went up our steps to upstairs and back down them with a LOT of encouragement (and a little leash help!). I had to pick him up to put him in the back seat of the car, but once in he did calm down. We drove to a closed in area with a friend and he learned to catch a ball and return it!

Picadilly is still working on potty training, but it’s only Day 3 and he has never been in a home environment. He walks on a leash like a champ and will go into his crate with the door wide open and hang out in there while we’re busy around the house. He’s slowly learning, and with a leash and some encouragement will follow me into other areas of the house, but it will take time for him to fully adjust. I promise that with patience whoever takes this boy and gives him the love he deserves will be rewarded ten-fold. His temperament is pure GOLD, and he is so soft and sweet natured. This one is a keeper!

12/8/2020 FOSTER UPDATE: Dilly arrive to us today.  First impression: he is beautiful and smart! He has never been in a home so we are working on all of the basics. He has already learned how to sit! He is a little nervous, but is slowly gaining confidence. He gives me kisses and likes to tee up to play with our dog Teddy.  We will continue to provide updates as he gets settled in!