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3/20/20  FOSTER UPDATE:  I’m settling into working from home, and Picasso is loving that!  I’m watching him nap as I write this. He’s doing very well, and I swear he is an absolute sweetheart.  You would never know that he was mistreated in the past – he’s just a happy, goofy, sweet and gentle boy.  He gets along well with his foster brother, and they play often.  But the more I’m home, the more I realize they will literally both sleep all day.

We are working on potty and crate training as well as personal space.   He marked twice during his first day, but I truly don’t think he knew it wasn’t allowed!  He’s already learning to potty outside and hasn’t had any more accidents. He’s struggling with being in his crate but we’re trying to make it a comfortable, good place for him.

Picasso is very calm and surprisingly well behaved!  He has never jumped on me and I’m attempting to teach him so basic commands, but right now, it is confusing for him.  Initially,  he avoided getting on furniture, but he overcame that last night and is currently curled up on the couch. He’s settling in well and we’re loving watching his cute little personality blossom!