Quincy is a youngster, about one year old, who has impressed his transporter and everyone else who has met him. He was found as a stray before arriving with CLR and at first, we thought he was all labbie, but we’re thinking he may have inherited some Irish Wolfhound genes. He is a big pup and will continue to grow. He currently weighs 73 pounds, and we think he’ll top out at around 80 pounds. Wolfhounds are known for their amazing soul and gentle nature, especially with children, and we already know how wonderful labs can be. Because of his size, he’ll need room to stretch out, but may also demonstrate some days when he just wants to relax. His transporters already signed up to foster Quinsy, so once he settles in their home, we’ll be sure to add some updates.


11/5/22 Foster Update:  We have the pleasure of fostering Quinsy.  He has been with us since Friday and has been welcomed by our pack very nicely.  Lillie has even accepted him, and Quinsy has learned that she can be less patient with him than the other members of our pack.  He does not react to her when she becomes a little testy, but rather wants to run away from her.  He knows which members of our pack are his play buddies and plays nicely with them.  He can be a little timid at first but warms up to you quickly once he understands what his expectations are and is a quick learner when given direction.  He may not have been around children much because he was very "interested" in a visiting 2 year old neighbor.  Once introduced, Quinsey quickly realized that he had made a friend.  We are working on "sit" and is very treat motivated.  He was not a fan of the steps yesterday but learned today after following me down the steps on his own that they weren't so scary after all.  He has had a couple of accidents by no fault of his, but because we did not take him out frequently enough.  He understands that when taken outside and prompted to "go potty" he will.  He slept in our bedroom on a dog bed last night with our other dogs, without incident.  He is great in the car. 11/4/22 Short Update:  Quinsy stopped by for a visit today.  Simply stated- he is absolutely fabulous!  Amazing temperament, friendly and excellent with my dogs. Equally as wonderful with people!  We all took a walk, and he was curious, but well-mannered with no leash pulling.  Rides great in a car.  Very gentle and immediately settled into his foster home.  Did I say FABULOUS?  He most definitely qualifies!  
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