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10/14/21 FOSTER UPDATE: Also here’s an update- Rangler has been doing great. He has a lot of energy and would definitely do well with an active family. He had one accident in the house on the first day but nothing since then. He loves giving kisses and just wants to be right next to me whenever I’m home. We have worked some on his leash manners, but he is a strong boy and will definitely need continued work on this. He is smart, and I think would benefit from a training program. He gets along with my dog, but I would say if there are other dogs in the house, they have to be up for playing with him and dealing with his youngster energy.

10/1/2021 UPDATE: Ranger is a beautiful boy!  He loved some spending some time in the sun with his buddy Reid.  He knows sit, but he is still learning his manners.  He can be a bit of a bull on a leash but responded to corrections. He is a big boy and so friendly!

I didn’t get great pictures because he wanted to maul me with kisses.