We would rather not say that Ray has a special need, but that he is simply SPECIAL. As a 10 year old, he was found as a stray, then it was discovered he was blind, and it appears he wasn’t taken care of in the way he deserves. But nothing seems to get in the way of his loving heart. He is the sweetest boy who adores everyone he meets. He loves to cuddle (all 70 pounds of him) and thrives on a loving touch. He is learning to navigate by using his other senses, particularly by smell and listens attentively to voices. He is just a sweetheart and one great dog!


FOSTER UPDATE:  Seasons greetings! Ray here. Things are going great. This week my foster dad took me to the beauty parlor (see picture below). The ladies there said I was a very good boy but I already knew that.  My dad says now I smell as sweet as I am. I also have some big news. I’m making excellent house training progress. Yesterday my dad was gone for over 8 hours and I didn’t have an accident. My dad said “good boy” a lot. Like I said before, I already knew that. Wouldn’t it be great to have such a good boy spend the holidays with you?

FOSTER UPDATE:  Ray is just the absolute sweetest dog ever. He never leaves my side (as evidenced by the picture) and his tail wags slow, meaning “Joe’s nearby” or fast, meaning “Joe’s talking to me or scratching my head”.  His heart may be enlarged but that’s to hold all of the love and goodness he has in it.

FOSTER UPDATE:  Ray is just as sweet as can be. In spite of his visual impairment, he gets around pretty well and improves every day.  He’s figured out how to step off and on my deck and he thoroughly enjoys his short walks around the neighborhood. He certainly isn’t lacking in spirit and his tail wags just fine, thank you.  His favorite things are head scratches and meals and oh yeah, snoozing by your feet. A dog like Ray is so deserving of being able to enjoy the rest of his life in a loving home. Will the reward of making that happen be yours?

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