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11/14/19 FOSTER UPDATE:  When Redd first arrived, he spent most of his time in his crate or hiding in my pantry.  For several weeks, he was very unsure of me.  We work every day on building trust and helping Redd feel safe and a part of our family.  Although Redd is still someone aloof, he is slowly opening up, and I am confident he will eventually feel comfortable and secure.  In the meantime, Redd is the sweetest, most gentle soul we have ever had the privilege of fostering.  He is learning to follow our daily routine, and in the process, we have learned a few things he loves.   He gets a case of wiggle when we arrive home or when he hears his name.  He adores pets and special snuggle time. He literally melts to the floor when he is petted and makes sure we don’t neglect to include a good belly rub.  Bedtime may be his favorite although he still isn’t quite sure about sleeping in our bed, but relishes that we are all together. Once he settles in, we need to coax him in the morning to wake up.

Redd romps like a puppy and gets pep in his step when it time for a good game of fetch. Sometimes, Redd will snuggle, but the noise from the television along with other unfamiliar   sights and sounds that are common in a house still makes him uncomfortable, yet he is beginning to adjust to them. Now that Redd has experienced some freedom, he no longer retreats to his crate and prefers to not be confined. Fortunately, he is a very trustworthy dog and is not the least bit destructive. We do continue to contain him in the kitchen when gone with access to his crate, for his safety. But rather than force him into the crate, I am using baby gates in the kitchen, with open access to his crate


The luster to his coat and skin have drastically improved daily. We have him on a high-quality food along with fish oil and kelp supplements. He added much needed weight and is quite the handsome gentleman.

Redd’s new family will need to understand that it will likely take him extra time to adjust and gain trust and confidence.  Redd likes kids and has no issues with his foster canine brother.  Although Redd is still apprehensive, he is not reactive.  The most important thing his new family can give him is love, patience, kindness and understanding.  By providing Redd with a loving and safe home, Redd with finally realize he is deserves it all!