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CLR has currently committed to residential training for four of our dogs to help them transition to a forever ever family. It is expensive, but we continue to do whatever we can to help them move beyond their difficult past.

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This is Reecee’s newest position when she sees another animal- she just sits at attention and watches.  What a good girl!

Reecee has settled into her foster home easily. She is a sweet, loving, energetic girl who just happens to be a beauty as well. She is responding to her commands well with an occasional slip because she is really still a youngster! She responds to sit, paw, down, stay and place like a champ! When we walk her and she sees other dogs she responds well to “leave it” and we just keep walking with no barking or negative behavior. As mentioned earlier, she needs time to adjust to new situations but once she finds her forever home she will feel safe and loved and be a wonderful loving pup!!

4/7/18  Knowing Reecee had such wonderful potential, we sent her for two weeks of residential training to help her learn to relax around other dogs.  Along with incredible obedience training, once this wonderful girl finds the right match, she will be ready to settle in her forever home.  Our trainer is available to help Reecee transition to her new home. Reecee’s new family will need to provide her the opportunity to feel comfortable and slowly introduce her to new activities and other or unfamiliar dogs so she isn’t overwhelmed.  She is a beautiful, sweet girl who will give you an abundance of love in return for your leadership, patience, and kindness.