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10/9/21 FOSTER UPDATE: Rudi is a sweet guy who loves his people. He spends his days around his foster mom who works from home. He has no issues spending this time out of his crate as he quietly naps/lounges on the couch or floor. Rudi is completely housebroken and is crate trained. He sleeps in his crate overnight, but we believe he’d do fine sleeping freely in the house. The concern is that Rudi has been known to chew a toy or two when he is not getting his way. He loves to chew on a bone. He does get very excited in moments of transition (in and out of the house/crate), but we are working for him to remain calm during this time. Rudi enjoys 3 walks a day which seem to help him remain calm the remainder of the day while he’s in the house. In the evenings, Rudi is a major CUDDLER. Curling up along your side on the couch is his favorite part of the day! He does great with toddlers, even when our son is walking around with food in his hand. We are very cautious with the toddler during Rudi’s excited transition moments as he could easily knock him down (unintentionally). Rudi is very smart and takes correction very well. He loves to ‘nose’ his people to give a friendly hello.

8/27/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Rudi has settled in nicely in his foster home. He’s house and crate trained. Rudi loves playing with his foster brother and does well with kids of all ages. He spends his days playing with a ball in the backyard, taking walks (pretty good with prong collar), and lying around the house. Rudi is gentle and kind, but does get excited (jumps) coming out of his crate and upon people entering the home.

8/26/2021 FOSTER UPDATE: Rudi is doing well! He loves playing outside with a ball or my dog. He is pretty good on walks with the prong collar. We haven’t had any issues crating him, and he loves to cuddle on the couch. With some training and daily exercise he will be the best family companion!