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  • 9/10/18: *I’ve been working with him on commands. After 4.7 billion treats, he managed to sit last night. Twice.  He was looking to our dog to figure out exactly what was being asked of him, for sure. He has not been able to replicate it today so far and that’s OK.
  • *He is pretty chill in the car but will make the occasional effort to climb up front. He also tried (unsuccessfully) today to cram his whole body into the passenger’s footwell. It did not work and he returned to the back of the car.
  • *I took him for a long walk around Hyde Park Square. At this juncture, he is still easily startled. I think with more exposure, he will become less skittish and can become more desensitized.
  • *He has successfully escaped THREE crates He has escaped every time, but when he is loose, to date, he has not been destructive. So that is promising.
  • *When in the backyard, he likes to peruse the perimeter. It is important that a fence does not gaps or areas where he could get out.
  • *He has only had one pee accident in the house since he arrived, and I still have yet to hear him bark?

Considering his shyness and fear, he is just beginning, after three days with us, to show a glimmer of feeling more comfortable. That said, again, he is absolutely trainable. He is so very sweet and as he gains confidence, he will be very responsive.  I suspect he has been somewhat isolated and appears curious about other dogs.  He has shown absolutely no aggression and engages well when introduced to other dogs.

Rufus is an incredibly special dog with the potential to be an excellent companion. My hope for him is that he FINDS THE BEST FOREVER HOME IN THE HISTORY OF EVER!

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