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9/22/19 FOSTER UPDATE:  Ruger is 90 pounds of love. He is always wanting to be by my side and wanting to get all the attention. He thinks he’s a lap dog so we’ve been working on manners when it comes to trying to climb into laps. He is energetic and jumps when excited. I think with some training, he will learn how to find other ways to express his excitement. He does well on walks and doesn’t try to pull. He doesn’t seem to understand or be super interested in fetch. He really enjoys the antler and Kong toys I have at my house and always is trying to steal them from my other dog. He seems to be housebroken as he has not had any accidents in the house and has also been fine in his crate.

8/16/19 UPDATE: In the words of Ruger’s foster mom, ” He’s been great! He’s a big baby that just wants attention” ♥

7/25/19 – Today, we ran into a member of the tech staff at the vet’s office, and she couldn’t wait to tell us about Ruger.  Her first words were, “I am so in love with him!”  She said he is the absolute sweetest and loving dog, and he has totally captured her heart. That being said, we can’t imagine a better match for any family.