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10/29/19 FOSTER UPDATE (after one day at foster home) -Sam is a gorgeous boy. Upon arriving he rolled in the grass for hours with the pure joy of being clean, safe and happy, pausing only to look at us with gratitude as if he couldn’t quite believe his luck.  He showers everyone with kisses and wiggles! He quickly settled in with his foster brothers, including being very cautious with the one in a cone.  His coat is improving and once it returns to its full glory, he will be even more striking.  Sam seems to be housebroken, and keeps his crate clean.  He is working on going in the crate without fear, but he is understandably hesitant.  I’m not sure he needs it, but to keep him safe we will keep working on it.  As one would expect, since he has never lived in a house, Sam will need to learn some basic manners about investigating tables, counters and furniture.  He takes correction well and will learn quickly.  The same would go for leash manners.  He enjoys walks and does not pull, even when he sees something interesting (deer, other dogs, squirrels, people!), but needs some guidance.  This will be important as gets to a healthier weight as he is a big boy.  He will need some time to relax and settle in, but despite his life thus far, he is happy, loving and resilient.  His capacity to love and forgive is, quite frankly, breathtaking.  He will be a faithful companion to anyone who will toss his ball and rub his belly.   He deserves this new beginning and I am so thankful that CLR was able to facilitate the next happy chapter in his life.