To say Sam’s mom and dad are crushed is an understatement.  They adopted Sam 5.5 years ago and provided this big, goofy boy the most wonderful and loving home.  They affectionately called him King Sam since he ruled the house.   His dad’s description of his beloved boy leaves little doubt of their devotion to Sam.  Sam was all lab.  He loved to explore on his walks, eat (his favorite was grilled chicken, peanut butter, or anything he could con out of me), swim (not very well), and slide down a hill on his back.  He was his own dog and kept us laughing with his demanding ways.  He was such a good boy. We hope we gave him a good home, because we sure did love him. Our only response could be: Yes, you did!  Add on that Sam was an avid Colts fan and was their perfect boy. When Sam’s health deteriorated beyond repair, they made the only humane decision to gracefully allow him to cross the Rainbow Bridge with dignity surrounded by their love.  RIP beautiful boy, find Hatch and run free.