Sometimes a dog enters a family’s life at just the right time.  Sammie’s mom and dad knew instantly she was the right dog for them and never hesitated to open their hearts to her.  Sadly, her dad was diagnosed with cancer and she was a wonderful and faithful companion that helped him cope thru so many trials until he passed.  Then she knew exactly how to comfort her mom as she mourned the loss of her husband.  Add on she was the neighborhood favorite, so she was able to bring a smile everywhere she went. Dear Sammie was diagnosed with cancer and bravely fought through the summer months and then faded away very peacefully knowing she was loved and her work on earth was done.

In her mom’s words, “Sammie fulfilled the roles that we needed her for. She helped Mort get out of his chair when he was ill and depressed. After he passed away, I was grateful to have her to walk with during the beautiful May weather. Her calm, amiable nature opened the way to meet other dogs and dog walkers, the entire neighborhood. She was a good, sweet dog, and I will miss her.”

 Sammie~ September 12, 2020