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6/15/22 Just a quick update – we were without power until this evening, and we checked into a hotel to escape the heat. We were a bit worried about all the pets and people and how Sareen would react. We didn’t encounter any other animals, but we met a lot of people. After a few times I have accepted that people are not saying hi to me, and that I am a mere accessory to the dog. Sareen was so good with everyone, got lots of pets and love. She did try to leave me for a staff member who gave her a piece of bacon  she is progressing very well and I begins rehab next week.

6/10/22 POST SURGERY UPDATE: Officially 1 week post-surgery  Sareen is recovering well, walks with minimal support and lets us do all of the exercises with her. I am thankful for the Trazodone because she is already looking at squirrels  she gets couple of hours per day of cone-free existence as we sit with her in her little jail. The swelling is mostly gone, she still gets some in her ankles after her walks, but looking better every day.

6/3/22 – Sareen just had bi-lateral ACL surgery and back with her foster mom recuperating.  We just can’t wait until she’s ready for adoption and to move on to her forever home.