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Sareen has completed her rehab for the double cruciate repair, and she is doing very well. It’s great to see her moving around without pain, and she is finally enjoying being more active, but it is still important to monitor her activity level.  Currently, she may the best candidate agility courses or extra long hikes- but she is an excellent walking buddy. She enjoys the engagement and the treats that come with the training, and it’s more of a structured playtime than a serious obedience course.  She walks well on a leash in her harness or in her prong collar yet never fails to notice a bunny or squirrel that crosses her path.
     We contine working with her on staying neutral in new situations and less responsive to quick movements, and she has made great progress.  Shifting the focus to her person and training works well, and once past the initial excitment, she does great.
     At home, Sareen is the sweetest dog you will find. It’s really hard to describe how loving and how polite she is. Many people she met during her surgery recovery period commented on her disposition – she wags all the time, she is happy when people engage with her, always up to learn new things, and follows your directions.  She loves snuggling and belly rubs, and once comfortable, she will demand attention by rolling on her back with her feet up. Every time you walk by her, look at her or laugh, you will hear the thud of her tail. If you call her name, she will be right by you. She won’t whine or demand attention, but she lights up when you involve her, no matter how briefly.
     She is a bit of a beggar, but not a demanding one. She will not be in your face asking for food, but will politely lay down within your sight, and pretend that she has not eaten in 5 days. She should be on a special wet food diet to maintain her weight and make it easier on her teeth, as she has some extra! She does not chew on bones for the same reason, but she absolutely loves a dollop of frozen Greek yogurt, which she considers a doggy ice cream. If you add some blueberries, it’s even better! Sareen takes several supplements to promote joint health and will need to continue them long-term. Otherwise, she isn’t on any other medication besides the regular preventatives.
     If you want a companion who doesn’t require a 5-mile hike for exercise; if you are willing to spend a little bit of time each day doing simple training exercises; and if you want the best snuggle companion at the end of the day, Sareen is perfect for the job. She has been with us for a few months while recovering from heartworm and surgery, and she has been a real trooper through it all. We love her, and she deserves a home where she will be a true family member and companion.