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9/2/20 FOSTER UPDATE: Good Morning, Everyone.  Sarge here.  I know it has been a couple of days since you texted my foster mom, but she has been busy with me trying to get me ready for my forever home.  I really like my foster mom and dad and my foster fur siblings, but my foster mom says that unfortunately, I can’t stay here.  I know they love me as much as I love them.  So I have been learning how to be a good boy and settle down.  I have also learned that the crate really isn’t so bad, and I will go into the crate with some treat persuasion and I do not bark non-stop anymore when in there.  I get to sleep in the bedroom with my foster dad, and can even sleep on the bed if I want to, which I love.  I love all beds, both human and fluffy dog beds.

My foster mom says that I have learned what “leave it” means, and when she tells me to “leave it” after I have picked up something that I shouldn’t have, I drop it.  It may take a couple of “leave its” being said, but I eventually drop what I have.  I do not like it when being corrected with a grab of my collar.  It brings back too many bad memories of my last home, and I will show you my dislike for that form of correction.  I really want to understand what my foster mom wants, so I’m trying to be a good listener.  That’s really all I want to do is please my forever family.  My foster mom is also working on “no bark” when I see other dogs on my walks.  I have always barked when I see other dogs, so I did not know that I shouldn’t be barking at them.  I am learning that other dogs are not going to hurt me, so there is no need to be defensive toward them.  I have also learned that my foster sister Lillie isn’t so bad either.  I think she has had a rough life before coming here, so when she growls and barks at me, my foster mom is trying to get us both to not react to each other.  It’s hard to turn and walk away, but I will.  I am also learning that sharing isn’t so bad, because I have lots of toys that I can play with.  I love toys, especially Nylabones and soft squeaky plush toys.
I get to go on walks around the neighborhood every day.  I’m not fond of cars and noisy trucks, so when I see one approaching, I will bark at them.  I have learned that they really aren’t so bad, and when my foster mom says “no bark” and a quick tug of the prong collar, I try not to bark at them.  Sometimes she even makes me sit, and tries telling me to settle down while also telling me “no bark.”  I love my walks and will now sit still while getting the prong collar and leash on me.
My foster mom and dad say that I am a good boy, and need a furever home that understands that I’m not perfect, and it will take time before I can feel comfortable in their home.  I think I would like to go to a home with no other dog in the beginning, but after I feel comfortable and my family has shown me what their expectations are, I would like to welcome a fur brother or sister.  I love my foster siblings and I especially love playing with Luna, but I would like to get settled in my new furever home first.  I really want to make my new furever family absolutely thrilled that they adopted me and that they will love me furever.
I hope I find my furever family soon.  My foster mom tells me that it just can’t be anybody who wants to take me home.  She wants to make sure that they understand the importance of being firm with me, but also show me love at the same time.  And they need to give me time to settle down and become relaxed in my new home.  She also tells me secretly that I could stay with her if she didn’t already have 4 dogs.
I hope I didn’t take up too much of your time.  I promise the next time that I give you an update on how I’m doing, it won’t be this long.