Some sad news… our beautiful sweet Schnitzel-Bentley, recently pulled from a local shelter after being dumped by his “owners” was discovered to have an inoperable tumor. Bentley/Schnitzel was such a beautiful and loving lab and sadly he was so compromised and had no quality of life. His suffering was not an option and the decision to help him cross-over. CLR tried so hard to make a difference when his owners completely failed him.

To show him the love and compassion he obviously didn’t get from his former family, we made the difficult decision to let him go on to Rainbow Bridge. In his last moments, Schnitzel-Bentley knew he was loved, and to us, that’s what really matters.

Schnitzel-B, run free at the Bridge. Lots of CLR pups are there, waiting to welcome you. You deserved so much better, and your life truly mattered.