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5/20/19 UPDATE:  Lucky Seuss is headed to our trainer’s for several days to help him achieve his manners training and then onto a foster home.  We know this is what he needs to help him transition to his forever home.  We think he is a fabulous dog and just needs some guidance.  He desperately wants to be a good boy and is very attentive – just looking for consistent guidance.  Best news from the trainer, “Seuss is a great dog and doing fantastic!”

5/3/18 VOLUNTEER UPDATE:  Seuss is a beautiful dog and has an excellent disposition, but requires training to help manage his exuberance. That translates into a strong leader/handler and obedience training.  He knows some commands and loves to play ball.  He has amazing potential and is bright and attentive. He does great with other dogs and gets to attend daycare and has a blast with the other dogs.  He truly is a super great dog!

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