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We also want to share that Shady is doing great in daycare and loves playing with all his friends.  This special boy has truly captured the hearts of all of us.  He is a terrific and intelligent pup who is ready to meet his special people and become their forever companion.  


5/5/19 UPDATE: I had a great time this morning spending it with sweet Shady. Shady was excited to get out of his kennel and like a good dog, once I opened the door, he came out and sat right down, allowing me to put on his leash.  We quickly went outside to use the bathroom, and then it was picture time where Shady posed nicely for some new glamour shots. Shady does well on the leash and listens to correction. Some commands Shady knows are sit and paw. I told him he looks very handsome when he sits so calmly!  He had a silly moment when he was more interested in nibbling the plants when we passed by them.
After enjoying some time outside, we went into the fenced area. It was then we found out Shady’s love for tennis balls, his playful side came out, and he had a great time playing catch. Shady has the softest fur coat I’ve ever felt, and he loved being petted.  He is also very affectionate, and I received quite a few kisses!                                                                                                                                                                       Shady has been in our kennel way too long and needs to find his forever home – or a temporary foster while he waits for his forever home. With so many life changes after being surrendered, it seems Shady is leery of other dogs and demonstrates some fear. So, for now, we believe he would be best as an only dog. But that just means Shady gets all the play and cuddle time to himself. After spending today with Shady, I have developed a soft spot for Shady and truly believe he really is a great dog.