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1/2/19 FOSTER UPDATE: Sheldon is such a wonderful and sweet boy!  We had a great Christmas with him!  I imagine that all pups are not this easy on their foster families, so we are truly blessed with Sheldon as our first foster!
Sheldon has been an absolute dream to have in our home.  He is very well behaved, understands many commands and listens intently for my instructions with the sweetest, inquisitive look in his eyes.  Sheldon is so smart and eager to please that he has happily been going to his crate on command since day one, and he is so good at watching me for my cues that he has started running to bed when I put my coat on! Sheldon also knows to stay, settle, and bed on top of sit, lay down, and paw.  He picks up on things very quickly.  His “counter surfing” is almost not even an issue anymore, and it really didn’t take but a couple of corrections.  We’re still working on jumping, but that’s more of a foster mom training problem than a Sheldon problem.  I need to be more consistent with him, but he’s just so darn cute when he gives hugs!
Sheldon and his foster brother, Fitz have become the best of friends!  They play tug of war and would play for hours if I let them!  Sheldon is much bigger than Fitz, but he is very gentle and patiently waits for Fitz to get a hold of the toys before starting to play.  Sheldon even lets Fitz win sometimes   And I find them snuggling more and more lately.  They have even figured out how to each sit by me without getting jealous.
Luckily, we were able to spend a lot of time together over the past week and a half, because I was off work.  Today is his first day being alone while I am at work, and he had his first visit with our walker, Alissa.  Sheldon walks well on his lead, but still needs a little time to learn manners without it. Allisa said that he did great today!  Sheldon has never had a single accident and has not been destructive, aggressive, or ill-mannered in any way.
It is so sad to me that such a wonderful, kindhearted, well-behaved dog could ever end up in the situation that Sheldon is in.  It’s simply not fair to any dog, and I cannot make sense of it at all.  Sheldon has a big heart and a lot of love to give to his forever family.  I hope he finds them soon!

12/23/18 FOSTER UPDATE:  Sheldon is doing very well! He’s settling in and we truly haven’t had any issues. I was nervous when we left, but he and Fitz have done well together. No arguments or misunderstandings at all! He’s eaten his food, has found the toy box and even slept in bed with us with no issues. He keeps himself entertained and is awfully cute when he plays. We’ve found out that he knows to sit, lay down and paw. He has even figured out how to calmly get his paws wiped before he comes in from the yard. I’m trying to teach him drop it, off, leave it and down (I forgot what it was like to have a dog that can get on the counter and he can get a little too excited when playing fetch)

He seems to like the crate – didn’t give me any trouble there. He hasn’t had any accidents. I know it was only his first night, so things may change as he gets more comfortable. But all in all, we had a successful first day!

12/8/18 UPDATE: Sheldon takes a few minutes to warm up, but once he does, he is such a playful and affectionate pup. He’s a little uncomfortable around dominant dogs yet we have observed tremendous improvement with his confidence over the last few weeks.  He has become friendlier and more social.  He knows some basic commands but needs work on his leash manners- likely because he is in play mode. He continues to play gently with people, and we think his greatest joy is having time to engage with his people playmates.

11/24/18 VOLUNTEER UPDATE: Sheldon is an inquisitive dog who is very affectionate.  Yet, considering his past, he appears to gravitate toward women.  He has impressive muscle definition and is a strong dog and fortunately, he walks nicely on a leash. Sheldon knows many commands and is wonderful on a one-to-one, but gets distracted when other dogs appear. He is very sweet and most likely, he just wants to play.  This is not unusual behavior and basically, like all dogs, he just wants to feel safe and loved and embrace a wonderful world of just being a dog.