10/16/2021 VOLUNTEER UPDATE: : I was able to spend some time with Slick today and wanted to share a few observations and impressions. First and foremost, Slick is a very sweet and affectionate boy!  Of course, he has typical puppy energy, but he focuses on receiving his share of attention which should be a benefit with his  future training.  He did attempt to scale a low fence to garner some extra affection and pets.  Fortunately, when interested in dogs on the other side of a fence outside, he made no attempt to climb or jump that fence.  This just translate to his greater interest in people and getting his share of hugs, affection, and attention.  The most important part of our time together today is that  I really enjoyed being with this sweet pup and am confident he’ll be a great addition to any family.

10/1/21 UPDATE:  Slick is a friendly dude!  He was very excited to be out of the kennel.  He pulled at first on the leash, but he responded great to corrections.  It doesn’t appear that he knows any commands yet, but he aims to please!  He is so affectionate!  He loves both humans and dogs.  He loved spending time with his buddy Klint.