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2/16/18 FOSTER UPDATE: Smoke is an active senior, and he really wants to play and chase a tennis ball, but since he is recovering from HW treatment, we need to keep him calm.  In addition, we need to limit his interaction with our other dogs, but he appears to do well with them. He needs to be carefully monitored when I open a door and still needs to learn to stay put and not be so curious about what’s on the other side of the door.  So far, I have not had any problems leaving him when I am gone and he even ignored a batch of cupcakes on the kitchen counter.  I was very impressed when I came home from work!  He was happy to see me when I entered, but did not bark or jump and seems equally happy taking a good nap while I attend to other things.  He is also completely housebroken, which is a great bonus.  For the short period of time at our house, I think he is adapting very well.

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