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5/16/19 FOSTER UPDATE: We have the pleasure of fostering Sookie. Gosh, she is just perfect! She is 100% potty trained and has excellent house manners. Sookie goes outside perfectly with or without a leash. In fact, she gets excited when you have the leash and patiently waits for you to leash her.  She doesn’t seem interested in the fence and hasn’t tried to dig any holes. I believe she probably dug holes in her previous yard because she was bored and wanted to play. Sookie enjoys running in the yard and exploring. Sookie also enjoys playing with my two dogs are who 6 and 7yr old labs. She is also very fond of my toddler son! Sookie is gentle with him and wags her tail when she sees him.

I was surprised to see that Sookie was very excited when I was putting up her crate. She willingly went right inside, wagging her tail, and scrunched up the blankets! She didn’t make a peep! We crate her when we are gone but at night, she has free roam in our room. You can find Sookie in the bed for a short time, on the dog bed, or a blanket. Sookie also loves nylabones! She hasn’t shown any interest in squeaky toys but really enjoys laying down and chewing on a bone. At 4 years old, she has proper manners and behavior. She is a great listener and already knows sit, comes when called, and takes treats nicely. Sookie truly is a wonderful girl and would make a great family companion!