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10/15/19 FOSTER UPDATE:  Stirling is such a sweet natured, easy going, gentle boy!  He was a bit timid when he first arrived at our home, but he quickly overcame his fear of stairs, car rides, and his crate. We imagine all of this was new to him. Fortunately, he is quickly learning to trust. He has traveled to parks, soccer fields, and Petsmart and has behaved perfectly in every situation. He is completely house trained and patiently waits for his food at mealtime. He’s a smart as well as a handsome fellow! Stirling also adjusted quickly to his crate I would describe him as EXUBERANT when we return home! He is a loving companion, and his greatest joy is sitting with his human getting petted and happily rolls over for a good belly rub.  Stirling is a beautiful soul just waiting for that special person or family to fall in love with him as we have!

FOSTER COMMENT:  He’s very sweet and loving! A little timid at times and perfectly behaved, but I don’t think he’s showing us his real personality yet. He walks great and has totally adjusted to our open steps after just one scary trip up and one down! He’s a real beauty!  Of course, we love him already!