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Stitch’s previous owner decided they couldn’t keep him and his sister, Lilo, and that’s just fine because their loss will be Stitch’s forever family’s big gain.

He’s still a little uncertain of his new life, especially with his sister being adopted but once you gain his trust, Stitch is a big, fluffy fur ball of tail wags and kisses.  He really enjoys playing with my dog and has no issue at all with my cats.  Like most pups his age, he’s not had much training at all and needs to learn basic manners.  He definitely seems eager to please and is food motivated so training shouldn’t be an issue.  He walks surprisingly well on the leash with no puling.  He just turns around and comes back to you every so often as if to be sure you’re still attached.

His neuter stitches (Stitch is stitch-less) fell out a few days early so he was daycare tested and had an absolute blast!  I’m sure Stitch will have a great time at your friendly neighborhood dog park now that the weather is starting to cooperate.  Stitch says come in and meet me soon, and I’m sure I’ll keep your family in “stitches” for many years to come!