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12/27/21 FOSTER UPDATE:  In just a few days, we learned that Thorton (Thor) is a very trainable and intelligent guy.  He quickly learned not to jump on his people (which he did often).  We are also encouraging him to nose us less because he does every chance he gets to receive attention.  He is learning to sit in front of us in order to initiate interaction rather than forcing upon us.  Thor often paces around the house when his foster family is sitting.  We encourage him to lie on his bed/crate and expect this issue to lessen as he settles in.  He is crate-trained and goes in with little to no encouragement.  He is a great walker but can lose his manners when a squirrel or dog is nearby.  Thor has minimal puppy energy that is easily extinguished via walks and playing fetch.  We’ve pulled a ball and toys from his mouth, and he doesn’t react negatively/aggressively.  He does well with other dogs and shows no sign of aggression towards our lab, only playful interactions.  He’s fine with our toddler, but I am cautious when our son is walking around with food as I’m sure Thor would pounce on the opportunity for a snack.  He does pick up some of our son’s toys to lightly chew or more so hold in his mouth.  He loves a bone and chew toys.  And he’s fully potty trained (no accidents here!).  He would make a great companion to a single person and family.

11/21/21 VOLUNTEER UPDATE: Thorton is a great boy!  He is still working on leash manners but made a lot of progress and on our walk. Thorton is a great boy!  He loved to explore on our walk. He had a high prey drive – so he will likely keep all of the small animals out of the yard.  He was very responsive to “leave it” when we encountered squirrels and cats, but he was very curious.    He also leaned in and gave lots of cuddles and kisses!