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10/9/19 UPDATE: I took both boys on a 1 mile run this morning to get them started. They looked up at me like, Hey lady! Let’s go for another! We saved that project for tomorrow. It sure did tucker them out though. They are both currently curled up next to the fire on the couch. Timon is all snuggly in his blanket. I put it on him and then he snuggled right into it like a sleeping blanket. Both dearly love cuddles and to just watch tv or listen to a book. My son has been reading to them.

Crate training is coming along nicely. Today is the first day both have gone accident free! I do keep a watchful eye, but they are doing great. The “crate” command is followed with a cookie. Sit is coming along well for both. They are enjoying the fall weather! Their favorite thing to do on walks is crunch through the leaf piles on the streets.

10/4/19 FOSTER UPDATE: We had our last pool day today topped off with a bath, nail trim, ear clean and brush. T is such a ball of energy! He could really use another dog or someone very active. Reece does a great job of wearing him out and we go on at least a mile walk every day. It’s been so hot I haven’t been able to take him on a run yet…but it’s in his future! Though judging by the dog spa we just had, he most likely will come around to those cuddles and belly rubs too! The past two days we have really been working hard on crate training. No accidents in the house! We’ve never had an accident in the crate.They are both quiet at night in their crate. Poom and T have both been learning sit, crate and sit before being fed their meal with OK as a release. We have also been working on touching their ears, teeth, playing with their feet, good stuff like that. And they both dig swimming!

FOSTER UPDATE: These two were SO good last night in the crate. I put them together and I didn’t hear a peep out of them all night. No accidents yet (crossing fingers!).

Uncle Reece is having so much fun playing tug of war with the boys. He’s been very patient until they get a hold of the toy. While Reece plays tug with one the other tries to hump him or give him puppy bites. Timon (AKA Mr. T or T) – He is so athletic! He LOVES playing tug of war and flying through the air as he leaps over the other dogs. If he is not in the crate, he is a mover and a shaker. T also enjoys a good, tasty shoe to munch on, but is very happy when a toy is swiftly replaces it. Its like nothing ever happened!