There is no way we can express the family’s sadness better than her mom and dad.  We can only hope their beautiful memories with bring a smile as their hearts heal.
She truly was the best and taught us so much in her short life. I could probably write a novel on her as she wasn’t just a dog, but our furst baby filled with sass, quirks and an abundance of love to give.  She was easy to love in return and the loss of her has us shattered along with our extended families, neighbors, mailman, and all her friends (human and canine) she made while out walking or spending time in her yard. Being outside was her happy place and we occasionally had to bribe her with treats to come inside. Her loss is devastating on its own, but comes just 6 weeks after welcoming our first human baby. Twyla was wonderful with children, and we were so eager to see her welcome one into her pack and looked forward to the antics they would get into over the years. Twyla was great at overseeing tummy time and welcomed our daughter with affection as we knew she would. We can’t pretend to understand why she was taken from us so soon. She’s left gaping holes in our hearts and our home feels empty without her. Twyla always found a way to brighten our cloudiest days and know she wants us to find joy once again which we will to honor her spirit.  Twyla’s mom and dad
RIP Little Angel – April 2022