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1/1/19 FOSTER UPDATE:  We have had Ty in foster for several days now and have found him to be such a special, gentle soul. He is quite the gentleman, with perfect manners and a calm, easy going, and loving disposition. He adjusted to our home and routine right away.  He rides well in the car, sleeps in his bed all night, walks easily on a leash, and has had no accidents at all. He crates easily but after the first day, we stopped crating him at night and when we leave because he just doesn’t get into any trouble. As I said, the perfect gentleman! He appears to have had some training as he sits, heels, and obeys the “down” and “wait” commands. This boy even waits to be invited onto our couch! And, “wow” does he love a tennis ball- really any ball- he retrieves it, catches it, and will play ball for as long as you will last! His other loves are a good tug of war, snuggling with his people, a belly or back rub and everyone he meets!

We can’t imagine why at age 6 he is without a loving home! He is not only beautiful on the outside but also on the inside!  We know that soon he will make some very lucky person or family a very loving and loyal companion in the New Year!!