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10/29/19 FOSTER UPDATE: Foster update: Well if we’ve learned anything about Venice it is that she loves EVERYONE!  She is an energetic, joyful, beautiful yellow girl! She is very excited to greet all that she encounters on walks. If they pass her by without acknowledging her, you can just see the disappointment on her face! She loves to give hugs and kisses! She entertains herself quite nicely with Nyla bones, stuffed toys, tennis balls, and loves a good game of tug of war!  Every so often when playing with toys, she stops, comes to give us a kiss and once she’s reassured, we are still here, she resumes playing.

She responds to sit and down, and she’s working on off, paw, and heel. She crates easily at night with a treat and sleeps through the night. Gaining confidence is still a work in progress for Venice. Currently, she is not very happy when we leave and on occasion, she has proven to be quite the magician escaping her crate. Of course, we are continuing to help her realize that we will return. It is important to understand this will take some time. This little girl would love an active family with a yard to play! Venice may be smaller in size, but she sure makes up for it with her huge heart❣️