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10/14/19 FOSTER UPDATE: Wagner’s personality is bigger than he is. He is the most lovable, big goof ever. He has mastered some basic manners and comes when called. I’ve taken him on a walks, and he’s been great on lead even if those squirrels must have wronged him in another life. He really seems to want to taste one!


We crated him the first night, and he didn’t make a peep. When my husband came home later that night late, Wagner didn’t even bark. Kris talked to him in the crate and once he sniffed him, he readily accepted that he was ok. Wagner enjoyed his bath and loved to be brushed and didn’t even fuss when I cleaned his ears. Last night we let him in the bed to watch a movie with us. He plopped down next to me and put his head on my shoulder with the biggest, sweet sigh ever…naturally, I couldn’t put him in the crate after that! He slept in Kurt’s room all night on the dog bed. Wagner truly is a very special pup and a super wonderful guest in our home.


10/3/19 UPDATE: Our distinguished Wagner was our labambassador at an event today, and  he most definitely made us very proud.  He was a wonderful passenger in the car and eagerly climbed aboard.  He was so friendly with everyone he meet and always ready to engage in playtime. Wagner has a wonderful personality and fun-loving temperament and brings a sense of joy everywhere he goes.