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UPDATE 7/15/18: Day one with our foster family- Watson has been a wonderful guest! He has a calm manner about him, you can see that right away and once you get to know him you can see he is a loyal and loving dog. When taking him to his foster home he didn’t know what a car was as he didn’t know how to get in, he was so polite once picking him up to put him in. Most of the ride he rode laying across the car onto my lap. He also spent a small amount of time in the back seat looking out the back window, watching the world go by.

The findings, once we got home, were even better than expected. He doesn’t bark, but we are hoping he finds his voice. Maybe he hasn’t found a true need to speak. Our dog barked at him and he just stood there and never barked. He met a small dog next door and was sweet to her. Such a good boy. He seems to be crate trained and housebroken as he hasn’t had any accidents.

Despite not knowing basic commands he does well on a leash. But I see great potential for him to learn basic commands and learn them fast. He is a pleaser. He doesn’t have a favorite person, doesn’t seem to be fearful of men or small unpredictable kids. He would do great in a home with any type of family. He met the cats. Seemed not to care about them at first but now wants to meet them.

He has never seen a dog toy in his life because he shows no interest in them. He doesn’t chew on anything and we are working on teaching him to toss with a tennis ball- after he has watched our dog play with a tennis ball and frisbee we are hoping he will learn. He has found a dog bone to chew on that he is having fun with. When we eat our meals at the table he has no interest to beg.  He usually takes the quiet time to grab a quick nap.

Our resident dog is a hyper dog and is always trying to get him to play and he will a little, but when I tell them to stop, he is already stopped. He would do well with a slow old dog or even a young dog. Watson is just a laid-back dog. He is patient and will lay and wait for you quietly. He follows closely behind but never in the way.

He is so deserving of a loving family and a loving family would be lucky to have him.  If he was a gemstone, he would be a diamond.

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