Yoashi is the 1 yr old, 64 lb. pup you have been waiting for to adopt.  He is full of sweetness and playfulness all wrapped up in one package.  Yoashi is a happy, loving boy who is good with kids, a great learner of commands as he already knows the word “no”, and keeps his kennel clean.  He can be jumpy when excited but is a good listener to be corrected.  This adorable boy is ready to share his joy, love and kisses with a new family!



Yoashi has been in the shelter for the past month prior to coming to CLR so he continues to decompress from the shelter life in our home since we got him on Monday.  He is a  sweet, fluffy teddy bear! He is very happy and energetic.  Today, he seems to be more comfortable being in the next room rather than right at our side. He goes to the door to let us know when he needs to go out.  He cries just for a couple minutes when he is crated for bedtime or when we go out but then settles quite nicely. He is a very good leash walker and loves to go on walks.  Since he is new to outdoor life on a leash, he does pull and bark when we encounter another dog on our walk.  It appears for the time being,  he prefers to be the only dog in the home as he has exhibited some alpha dog tendencies when introduced to a couple dogs.   Yoashi is a total sweetheart with people and has made great progress not jumping on people and counters. He seems like he would do well with an active person/family, as he is energetic and always up for an adventure!

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