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We’ve had Zabby in our house for over a week,and have quickly discovered that she is a fantastic, special dog.  She has a personality that is as beautiful as she is–loving, energetic, and well-mannered.  She’s crate-trained, can sit and stay well, and has awesome manners at meal-time.  Though she is tall enough to grab food right off the table, she doesn’t even attempt.  When we sit down to eat, no begging from her!  She’ll quietly lay down in the adjoining room.  She has a loving, sweet way with our kiddos, and would be a great family dog.  Her size and energy might be too much for the very littlest kids (baby and toddler), but perfect for school age and above.  She is so happy to receive attention from our kids and is not phased even when there’s boisterous play going on.  Zabby loves her chew toys and is a strong chewer, but amazingly, seems to know which toys are hers.  She hasn’t bothered our kids’ toys (which are scattered everywhere and within easy reach!).  Our favorite times with Zabby are in the evenings–she is always game to lounge and snuggle with us.


Zabby had TPLO surgery on 1/30 to repair her knee from an ACL tear. The procedure went great, and recovery is going smoothly so far. Rehab is not nearly as daunting as I thought it would be, and she does a great job.  She’ll have to wear a cone until stitches are removed on 2/13–she is an absolute champ about it!  It’s never a struggle to get it on or adjust. Since surgery, her happy, sweet personality hasn’t changed at all.  On a follow-up visit to the vet, she managed to charm everyone in the waiting room while we waited for our appointment.

We are crazy about this girl, and know she’s going to make a lucky family very happy!